Steve Jobs: The Man Behind Apple

By: Evan Frohock


“Steve Jobs” book cover, by Walter Isaacson

Despite passing away at just 56 years old, Steve Jobs made an extraordinary impact on the world that we know today. Steve Jobs was the co-founder and CEO of one of the worlds largest company to date, Apple. His company was a huge success right from the start. The book “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson was written in 2011, the same year that Jobs passed away. The book is written to be both insightful and entertaining. Isaacson writes a detailed description of Jobs’ life, from birth and adoption to his early death due to cancer.

Steve Jobs’ mother and father put him up for adoption because they were unable to get married. Paul and Clara Jobs from San Francisco, California adopted Steve. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak met and immediately gained a mutual friendship. Jobs and Wozniak grew closer together, and they decided to go into business. Wozniak was a brilliant computer technician, and Jobs could turn any innovation into a business. Together they were unstoppable from the start.

The first thing they created together was a “Blue Box”. The Blue Box was designed to make long distance phone calls for free. They continued making these boxed for $40 and selling them for $150, until they were robbed of all of their boxes at gunpoint. They both agreed it was time to start something new, but they did not jump right into it. Job’s went applied to college, and enrolled in Reed College. Steve Jobs experimented with many drugs, and weird diets, and knew he had no intention of going to class. He dropped out within a year.

Jobs went back home to California and got a job at Atari. Nolan Bushnell challenged Jobs to recreate the popular game “pong”. Jobs’ task was to make the game one player, as well as making it use less chips. It was now that he would call his old friend, Steve Wozniak to help. They both completed this task with ease, and never looked back.

Jobs and Wozniak created “Apple I”, and one of the world’s most popular brands took off. They created the “Apple I” computer, and within thirty days it was profitable. Apple was an incredible success. Jobs and Wozniak continued to push boundaries and limits on new technology. They continued to create new machines, continually making changes and upgrades to the previous models. The launch of each product was a huge success. Little did they know this was the beginning of a new era. Walter Isaacson continued, describing Jobs’ life and company in great detail. Apple continued to grow more and more with each product.

Isaacson finished his book with the following quote from Steve Jobs, “I think most creative people want to express appreciation for being able to take advantage of the work that’s been done by others before us. I didn’t invent the language or mathematics I use. I make little of my own food, none of my own clothes. Everything I do depends on other members of our species and the shoulders that we stand on. And a lot of us want to contribute something back to our species and to add something to the flow. It’s about trying to express something in the only way that most of us know how – because we can’t write Bob Dylan songs or Tom Stoppard plays. We try to use the talents we do have to express our deep feelings, to show our appreciation of all the contributions that came before us, and to add something to that flow. That’s what has driven me.” This quote sums up Steve Jobs in a nutshell. This quote sums up what drove Jobs in his life, and is essential in understanding who he was.

If you are looking to buy this book on Amazon, it can be found for a total price of $19.65. The book, published by Simon and Schuster, is rated 4.5/5.0 stars on Amazon. I would absolutely recommend this book. Walter Isaacson is a great author, and represents Jobs’ life in a way that not many people could. I would recommend this book to anyone that is interested in a good story. If you are interested in technology as well it is a bonus. This book has many scholarly reviews, and a lot of recognition. Apple even applauded Isaacson for the great job that he did in writing this book. Overall, this book was well worth the time it took to read it, and others will feel the same way.

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