The Creation of a New Generation- Steve Jobs

By: Chris Zelante

Steve Jobs’ life Steve_Jobs_by_Walter_Isaacsonwas never ordinary. Born to a Muslim father and an Catholic girl from Wisconsin, Job’s was put up for adoption and was welcomed into the home of Paul and Clara Jobs. Raised in San Francisco Steve Jobs was always different, whether it was his keen intelligence or ability to start trouble Steve Jobs was never just one of the kids. Only lasting one year in college Jobs was much more interested in real life projects and found himself working for Atari, a video game production company, and was finally putting his engineering skills to use. But, just like many other things in his life, Jobs quickly found a new interest and pursued his interest in spirituality and took a sabbatical to travel to India. It is when Jobs returned that his life really started to change. Teaming up with his old friend, and future partner in the creation of Apple, Steve Wozniak they created a one-player version of the game pong. Soon after this combination of their two great minds they created the first Apple computer. They went on to create a more polished version of the computer and the Apple Inc. we know today was born. By 1984 Apple was up and running and were quickly gaining ground in the technology business.

As Jobs got older he found himself in and out of the Apple Company and in his time away he helped created one of the largest animation company’s of all time, Pixar. A man of many talents Jobs was able to turn Pixar into one of the largest businesses of all time and he played a crucial role in the production of Toy Story, which is still seen as one of the best animated movies of all time. Jobs later found himself back at Apple as an advisor and helped to save the company from a spiraling downfall and turned the company back into the vision he had so long ago. With creations such as the iMac Jobs was the driving force behind the popularity of Apple and he soon found himself as the CEO of one of the most up can coming company’s around.

From the opening of retail stores to changing the complete landscape of music with the invention of the iPod, Steve Jobs could not be stopped. Even with all of these amazing creations his greatest was still to come, the iPhone. An essential part of almost every person’s belongings was seen as Jobs’ greatest invention of them all. Doing all of this while still having one hand in Pixar, Jobs was working around the clock and it began to take a toll. Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer Steve Jobs met his greatest challenge of all. There was no code that could cure his disease and no sleek design that could save him from the pain he was facing. Leaving his position as Apple CEO due to his disease, Jobs reflected on all that he had accomplished and knew that he had impacted the world of technology in a way that he could have never imagined.

If you have ever wondered how the heavy weight company of Apple came to be, this book is for you. Steve Jobs is a great book that shines a light on one of the most brilliant men of our time. Giving the reader a glimpse into the unusual upbringing and even more unusual life of Steve Jobs this book shows the person behind the iPod, iPhone, and other devices that have gripped society and refuse to let go. By the end of this book you will realize that Steve Jobs was much more than the face of Apple, he was the face of a generation and changed the world with his ideas.

This book is a good read for anyone who finds themselves using technology today. With the growth of technology today moving at a rapid pace this book shows you how it all got started. The words of Walter Isaacson seemingly jump off the page and bring you into the world that Steve Jobs redefined. For only twenty dollars on Amazon you can purchase this book published by Simon & Schuster and I promise you will not regret it.


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