YouTube was founded in 2005 and purchased in 2006 by Google. Over the past few years, YouTube has seen multiple changes. More and more, YouTube is becoming an area where different subject can be taught. Crash Course for instance. John Green and his brother Hank both have a series of educational videos on YouTube. John focuses more on history while his brother focuses on science. Although YouTube has turned 10 years old this past February, YouTube has still remained valuable these past 10 years. From its initial use as a place to put music videos, the cultural significance has shifted to be more of a area where anyone and everyone can share whatever they want. From Barack Obama to the newest member. There are many on YouTube who make an income from their “subscribers.” You can become “YouTube Famous” from your videos and have a rather big influence on those who watch. Many women on YouTube have fashion videos on, teaching how to do certain hair styles or make up.

My first interview was my 14 year old sister, Grace. I wanted to see how she used YouTube, be her at my age roughly when I started. She went on to tell me that she and her friends rather don’t use YouTube that often. If they do, it is for music videos of artists they like or clips from a tv show. My sister is one who also watches make up channels from time to time.

My second interview was my friend, Mike. He uses YouTube mainly for research on his major, Biology, or for gym methods. He enjoys watching Crash Course biology videos her and there as well. He says he goes on YouTube almost every other day, to pass time and to learn.

I myself use YouTube more for keeping up to date with news. A channel that I really enjoy is Test Tube. They delve into many different subjects and provide greater knowledge on whats going on in the world. I am also able to watch pieces of John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” thanks to YouTube. These advancements in information guarantee YouTube will continue to thrive in years to come. It has become a masses need. It isn’t anything that one group owns. Unlike Facebook and more closely tied to Twitter, YouTube can be anything. This makes it mine, yours, your kids, grandkids, and so on. As long as there is an internet, there will be a YouTube.


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