By Megan Malewich and Amanda Pape


Instagram has become the new wave for teenagers to share every moment with their friends. A picture is worth a thousands words and thats why Instagram has become so  popular. Instagram allows for all of the moments you wish to capture to be viewed with the perfect filter. Though Instagram has been around for about five years, it has taken picture sharing to a new level.

In interviews with our peers we have found that Instagram has mainly taken the place of Facebook for many. Olivia mentioned that she now regularly checks Instagram while only checks Facebook once a day. If a phone is in her hand most likely she’s checking up on what the newest pics are. She says its an easier way to view all the pictures she wants to see. She loves that when she posts a picture she has the ability to edit it to look exactly how she wants it. Lizzy also is a huge fan of the app. She says its easier to check up on what her friends are doing when she can just see one photo instead of waiting for an entire album to be posted on Facebook. Instagram is used more than Facebook because its instantaneous.

Instagram was released for public use on October 6, 2010. Systrom and Krieger began working on the app in San Fransisco when they decided their seed project would be focused on mobile photography. Originally only for iPhone users the app took off because of its photo editing and sharing abilities. Instagram linked immediately to other social networking devices, allowing for user’s insta pics to be seen on Facebook, Twitter, and the like. Instagram is considered an “immediate success story”. Within two months it had 1 million users. Facebook snatched up the successful app in April 2012, showing how popular and impressive the app was only two years after its launch. The popularity of Instagram is shown through its growth. Instagram grew 23% while Facebook grew 3% in 2013. In February 2013 it had 100 million users. Now Instagram has 150 million users and is still going strong.

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