The New Way to Watch Movies & TV Series


by Olivia and Ryan

Netflix was founded in 1997 by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings as a provider of online movies and television as well as a delivery service. Users pay a small monthly fee to get access to the websites content. Netflix has over 10 million subscribers and 100,000 different titles for those people to watch. Some of todays most popular shows and movies are available on Netflix as well as many shows that the company produces itself and releases onto their website.

Netflix has totally changed the world of television. It gives millions of people access to shows and movies that previously could only be seen in theatres, television or bought in stores. People can now access thousands of shows without even leaving the couch or waiting for them to air on TV. People can now have a movie night without having to go anywhere to find the movie.

One student said, “I never really got into any TV shows before Netflix. It was too hard to keep up with them and wait a week for each episode. If I missed one it was almost impossible to watch.” For most people, it was too hard to get into a TV show, but with Netflix it becomes extremely easy to binge watch shows. For others it was similar for movies. It was too difficult for people to go out to a movie store and try to pick something out. All the movie stores are starting to close down, because nobody goes to them anymore because of services like Netflix. Two other Loyola students, Matt Prochner and Connor Doyle, used to use Netflix as the system where you can order the DVD you wanted to watch, it’d come in the mail, and then you’d return it when finished.  Now they use it on their laptops, ipads, and phones.

Netflix replaced a bunch of media systems such as Blockbuster and even TV itself.  Instead of going to the store to rent or a buy a movie or TV series you want to watch you can just find it on Netflix.  It took place of the DVD and TV services.  It gave people easier access to the shows and movies they love to watch.  Netflix even in some ways replaced movie theaters.  Instead of going to see the movie in theaters, people will wait until it comes out on Netflix.


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