Pandora Internet Radio

By: Doug Robie

Pandora internet radio is at its core, a radio that you can live stream over the internet. Pandora was founded in January of the year 2000 by Tim Westergren, Will Glaser and Jon Kraft. Pandora allows its customers to listen to customizable radio stations based on genre, artist, and even song. Although Pandora was founded back in the year 2000 it has tried to keep up with new advancements in technology with the creation of there app that can practically be used on any media platform. Pandora makes its money by the use of allowing other companies to advertise on their stations. According to if Pandora wishes to continue making money they will have to ramp up ad sales and revenue.According to the article:

“The company is already in the process of ramping up its sales team for this purpose and is seeing some promising results as well. However, in order to convince advertisers to choose Pandora over other advertising channels, the Internet radio company needs to reassure them that they will get ample visibility through its mobile and desktop apps.” (Forbes)

Pandora also provides a premium service which costs money but allows you to listen to better quality music, no commercials and more skips. Getting people to pay for ad-free is not easy due to the fact that the benefit they will get with these benefits usually do not outweigh the cost of the subscription. So many customers prefer to stick with the free version.

I started off my interviews by interviewing my friend Carmela who is an avid Pandora user. When I asked her how often she used Pandora she said she uses it about once a day when she is working on Homework to help her concentrate on her homework or to relax afterwards. She uses Pandora because she believes that they have a good variety of music per station. Pandora is pretty important to her because it allows her to hear new music that she has never heard before.

Pandora might have problems in the near future with creation of such services as Spotify. Spotify allows its customers to listen to custom radio stations but also save music to a library. It should be interesting to see how Pandora adapts to creation of such services as Spotify.

For my second interview I talked to my friend Grady. When I asked him about how often he used Pandora he said maybe once a month. This was do to the fact that spotify was not working at the time. And for him at least Pandora has been replaced by spotify.

However some people people are seeing possible growth, one article says, “Their takeaway was that Pandora’s analyst day pointed to the company being much larger in the next five years.”  According to the article this is due to the fact, “They called it refreshingly content rich and signaled that management has broken new ground on key strategic initiatives for the next five years. This included moving past radio into other types of music, new ways to grow the listener base, a sharper focus on international expansion, and also developing a suite of products and services aimed at making Pandora a more effective partner for music makers.”(24/7 WallSt)

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