Out with the old, In with the new

By Billy Walsh

Whether you have an account or not, everyone has at one point or another encountered Facebook. Facebook quickly raced passed MySpace, which was the social media juggernaut at the time. Mark Zuckerburg’s dorm room creation launched on September 26,2006 to users ages 13 and older and has had an international impact and can be seen anywhere over the world. With over one billion users, Facebook is the most used form of social media in existence.  Its complex technological development helps make Facebook a combination of many different forms of social media. The site uses software such as PHP, Linux, MySQL, and many over sub programs under each. However, recently, Facebook has not been a hit with teens, the age group that uses the most social media.  Five years ago, for teens, a Facebook profile was the thing to have.  Teens used Facebook as a way to connect with friends, post pictures, and even to play games.  Now Facebook has seen a trend losing this age group.  So, I went and asked some friends about how they used Facebook five years ago and how they use it today.

I began with my friend Danny.  Danny first created his Facebook account during the fall of his freshman year at high school.  He thought the account would help him get to know people better.  He never really got into using Facebook and never made frequent posts or added pictures.  Although he still has an account today, he hardly ever visits the website to view his profile.  Other than Snapchat, Danny does not use any other forms of social media.

Next I talked to my friend Brendan.  Brendan has had a Facebook since he was in seventh grade.  Brendan used Facebook a lot throughout his first couple of years on the website, but has slowed in recent times.  He currently only uses to see pictures he is tagged in, but sees no other use in the account.  Brendan spends some of his time using Snapchat and Instagram, but not Twitter.

The move away from Facebook could have many reasons.  People do not like the amount of advertising that is found on the website.  Also, Twitter and Instagram both offer similar ways to connect as Facebook does, but in simpler fashion.  As Facebook dies with teens, it continues to grow with adults.  Facebook currently has over 30,000 servers and over 25 billion units of content, and it continues to grow. Adults, such as my mother, use Facebook to connect with old friends from high school and college. Facebook has adapted a new audience in the past five years.  I first made made profile when I was thirteen, and at the time, I was the only one in my family to have a Facebook.  Now my parents use the website all the time while my brother, who has deactivated his account, and I lean on new forms of Social Media. If Facebook wants to bring back a younger clientele, they are going to need to create new marketing strategies.

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