The Trip of a Lifetime: Kenya

By: Mike Schneid

For the My Story project I decided to do my project on my trip to Kenya.  The reason I did this was because going to Kenya was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.  From The great views that I saw to the amazing people that I met, I thought my trip to Kenya would be a good personal story to tell.  Also the vast amount of pictures I took gave me a lot of material to be able to work with.  My video is done as a personal narrative of me telling of the experiences that occurred to me when I visited Kenya.  Throughout this project I faced a few problems with the video software that I used.  When I started the project I initially began by using Adobe Premiere software until it became clear to me that after going through many tutorial videos and spending a few hours on just importing and organizing pictures that Adobe’s product was not the right option for me.  Because of this I switched to windows movie maker which made the process a little easier for me.  When all was said and done the best part of my project was the pictures do to the quality that they have as well as the quantity of pictures.


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