Netflix Today


By: Evan Frohock & Chris Zelante

From “Breaking Bad”, to “Friday Night Lights”, to “House of Cards”, Netflix has it all. Netflix is an internet service that offers on-demand streaming. With plans from just $7.99/month and about 50 million people around the world subscribe to this addicting internet service. Unlike Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram, Netflix does not aim to entertain just teenagers. Netflix caters to every person, with a show for every different personality and is always changing. They are always adding more shows, so the viewers and subscribers do not get restless. People view Netflix in many different ways and styles. While some people may watch one episode of a show every week, others may watch one season every week. It all depends on the person, and the time that they have. We interviewed a few of our friends and they all had their own different answer.

Our friend Chris said that he originally subscribed to Netflix because he wanted to watch AMC’s famous TV show, “Breaking Bad”. When he first subscribed, he would watch Netflix often. We asked Chris how he uses Netflix now, as opposed to when he first subscribed. Chris told us that he does not use Netflix as much as he used to use it. He just finished the show “House of Cards”, and does not know what he will be watching next. He has many reasons for not using Netflix as much as he used to. He said that he needs to concentrate on school more than he did in high school. If he watches Netflix often, he will procrastinate, and not receive the grades he wants to get.

Ryan just recently subscribed to a Netflix account over the summer, and he uses it differently than Chris does. Ryan says that he does not watch Netflix often at all now. Ryan does not have the time to get hooked on a television show during the school year. He explained to us that in the summer he would use his Netflix very often. During the summer he watched shows such as “Friday Night Lights”, “Mad Men”, and “The Blacklist”. With school, soccer, and extra curricular activities, Ryan said that he simply does not have the time to watch Netflix as much as he would like. Ryan will use his Netflix account when he has time, but that does not come very often. Ryan shares a subscription with his family. Ryan said that when he was little, his family would always sit down to watch movies in their living room. Ryan shared with us that his family used to get their movies from movie stores, such as Blockbuster. When Netflix came out his family stopped going to Blockbuster, and started using their Netflix account. This was a newer, easier, cheaper way to watch movies. Obviously Ryan’s family was not the only one who took this course of action, with Blockbuster going out of business in January, 2013.

Brian uses Netflix very often. Brian says that he will watch shows in between classes, and after classes. He will stay up late during the night to watch his favorite TV shows. We asked Brian is he always watched Netflix often, and he explained that he has not. Brian has had Netflix for a while, but never used it like this until recently. He says that he would never use his Netflix account because he has a TV at home, and he did not feel the need for it. Brian told us that he does not have a TV in his dorm room, but he still wants to keep up with the newest shows. Brian told us that he just finished the show “Orange Is The New Black”, and he is currently watching the popular TV show “Pretty Little Liars”.

One last friend that we interviewed was our friend Mike. Mike said that he has had Netflix for a very long time. Mike’s favorite show is “Game of Thrones”, which is not on Netflix. Mike does not watch Netflix at all, despite having his subscription for a while. He said his parents and brothers watch Netflix on his smart TV at home, and he just shares the subscription with his family. If “Game of Thrones” was on Netflix, he said that he could of seen himself getting into Netflix, but at the moment he just does not use it at all. Mike said that he used to watch Netflix when he was at home when it was on, but he would not take the first step in turning it on. He shares with us that he does in fact think Netflix is a good idea. Mike said that he can see Netflix taking over cable T.V eventually. Mike shared that more and more of his friends are watching Netflix, as more shows come out. Mike is glad that he does not use Netflix often, because he said he does not want it to interfere with his school work.

As we can see, everyone uses Netflix differently. Some people use Netflix a lot, some people use it when they have time, and others do not use it at all. With a cheap plan, starting at just $7.99/month, many people have a subscription to the online service. People use Netflix many ways, and watch shows that appeal to them. Netflix caters to almost everyone, having shows in every genre. Netflix is always changing, adding and taking away shows. Some people think that the online internet service will slowly take over modern T.V. Technology is always changing. The way people watch Netflix is always changing, and we do not see that altering in any way.

Fed up with the late fee’s and due dates that came along with rental movies Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings came together to create Netflix. Launched on August 29, 1997 these two had no idea that they were creating the next big sensation to take over the world. Veering away from traditional ways, in 1999 Netflix launched a package that would allow its customers to rent as many movies as they for one low monthly subscription. As time went on Netflix only continued to grow and become more popular and in 2002 they initiated an IPO (Initial Public Offering) of 5.5 million shares of common stock at the price of fifteen dollars per share. Netflix grew larger than anyone could have imagined and now has become the go to location when people are looking for something to watch.

Capitalizing on people’s needs Netflix effectively put business such as Blockbuster and other movie rental locations out of business by making renting and buying movies possible without leaving the comfort of your home. Netflix did not stop at just the streaming and renting of movies and TV shows, it took another step towards the future. Offering classic shows such as “Friends” or “Mad Men” was one of Netflix’s main appeals, but in recent years they have started to create Netflix original TV series such as “Orange Is the New Black” and “House of Cards” which have taken over pop culture. Netflix only continues to grow and expand as time has gone and there is no telling how large this company can become and what else it can do to amaze its viewers.


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