Mr. Myers goes to Washington

For my “My Story” project, I went with the time I went to Washington D.C. It wasn’t a normal trip to D.C., because it was my school’s senior skip day. A day in which the seniors skip to stay home or whatever they feel. My friends Nathalie, Greg, and Jarrett decided to go down to D.C. instead. We left at 5:30-6am for D.C. We took the metro into the city and we stayed there from 10am-6pm. We had a great day in our Nation’s Capitol.

The most challenging thing for me with making this video was having to record my voice. I must have went through 50 different recordings over an hour. I couldn’t go 5 seconds without screwing up. It wasn’t until I found one that I liked that I was able to finish the project. Also setting up the pictures and basically everything about this project was kind of difficult in my opinion.

Here is my video.


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