Disastrous California Trip

I chose to create my My Story project based off of my crazy trip to California when I was in sixth grade.  The story is so unbelievable that I still cannot comprehend it seven years later.  I love sharing this crazy experience with other people because their reactions are priceless.  It is a hilarious and mind blowing at the same time.  I went from going to California injured, to injuring myself in California, and then to a life threatening incident.  I also have to verify my story to people because no one ever believes it is true.  My biggest challenge with this project was trying to find my own pictures of everything.  There was too much going on so I did not have many pictures of my own and had to take some from Google Images.  I feel as if the story itself is the best part of my project.  Not too many people can share the craziness my family and I have dealt with on this wild trip.


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