Climbing in Cochise

Billy Walsh


For the My Story Project, I chose to use my spring break trip with Loyola University Maryland’s Outdoor Adventure Program to Cochise Stronghold, located in southern Arizona.  The trip was a training trip for our entire student staff, as well as our 3 person Pro-staff.  The trip left on Saturday, February 18th, and lasted into the early hours of Sunday, March 8th.

The biggest challenge I faced while making this project was selecting footage to use.  I collected nearly three hours worth of hiking/rock climbing videos and over two-hundred photos of the scenic desert on a GoPro Hero 3+.  For the production of the project, I began with GoPro Studio 2.0 to trip select film to make into a video.  Once I had finished the video pieces, I transferred to iMovie to edit, add music, and make transitions to the final cut.  I chose to do the project a little different since I felt my style of videos left a more visual story to be seen.



If you want to learn more about what we do at Outdoor Adventure Experience, visit our website for details.


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