An Island In Paradise

By Amanda Pape

Over spring break I went to Nassau, Bahamas with my family.  I had such an relaxing and amazing time and I knew that I could not miss out on sharing this with other people.  That’s why I decided to do my My Story project on this.  I knew that there would be a lot of beautiful views and adventurous things that could get pictures and videos of for my movie.  One challenge that I faced while doing this project was deciding which pictures and videos to leave out of my movie. I had so many amazing pictures of the things that I did and saw but knew that I couldn’t fit them all into such a short movie. I think that the best part of my My Story is all of the pictures of the amazing views of the ocean that I got. The beach is my favorite place so I was extremely happy to be able to display my experience on such a lovely beach through this project. I had an amazing time on my vacation in the Bahamas and am so happy that I was able to share it with my calssmates.


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