A Sports Season for the Ages

By: Patrick O’Shea

For my ‘My Story’ project I chose to do my senior year soccer season in high school. It was one of the most memorable time periods of my life. I wanted to reflect on what it meant to be a part of a team that truly bonded. Not only that, but I wanted to show the resiliency that we showed throughout the season. We had gone through tough times, but never gave up and would always fight back. Additionally, I wanted to do this topic for my project because of what it meant to the community of Cumberland. Bringing back a trophy to the fans was what really made it special to me. They counted on us to bring something to talk about after the state championship game. I felt as if it really brought joy to our community.  The challenges I faced making this video was getting my friend Sam to talk about his concussion which cost him his soccer career. I really wanted to get a perspective from his point of view on his injury and it was difficult to get ahold of him. Also, I had to adjust the volumes on all of the different settings that were made on the video, which was difficult as well.  I believe the strongest part of my video is the succession of short video clips of the playoff games. I added effects to the clips to show the score and the match-ups with each teams logo, among other things.


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