Historic Morristown

By: Chris Zelante

Choosing my hometown of Morristown to do my video on was an easy decision. With so much history and information that could be talked about the project seemed to put itself together. I really enjoyed learning some new historical information about my town, and it was enjoyable to go to all of these places first hand and take pictures of some of the most famous places in my town. Morristown New Jersey has so much history and such a rich past it seemed like the only option for my My Story project. Some of the only challenges I faced while making this video was being able to get these first hand pictures of these historical sites. Due to being snowed in almost all of my spring break it was difficult to get to some of the places you see in my project. Overall, I think the part of the project I enjoyed most was being able to take all of these great sites in my hometown and form them into one presentation where I could let other people know just how great my hometown is. 


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