Guayaquil, Ecuador

By: Evan Frohock

For my video I chose to do my service emerson trip to Guayaquil, Ecuador. I chose this topic because it was something that happened this past year, so it is fresh in my mind. I also had plenty of pictures from the trip, and it was something that i could easily narrate. While on the trip, we went to many places on the outskirts of Guayaquil. We went to the Damien house, a free hospital for those with leprosy. We also traveled to the “28 de agusto” invasion neighborhood to help out at an after school program known as “Manos Abiertos”. We traveled to the “Arbolito” invasion neighborhood to go to another after school program, known as “Semillas Mostazas”. In between all of this, we would travel around to our neighbor’s houses. They would invite us in and answer any questions we had. Most houses housed around eight people, even though the houses were no larger than a dorm room. It was amazing to see how happy these people were, despite how little they have. On the last day of the trip we had the opportunity to travel around the city of Guayaquil. We got to see “el parque de las iguanas”, or Iguana Park, across from the Guayaquil Cathedral. We got to hike up the 444 steps, known as “cerro santa ana”, where the best view of the city can be found. I have used iMovie before, and it came back to me rather quickly. Two challenges i faced was not having pictures of the neighbor visits, and keeping the video short. We did not take any pictures of the visits because it would be very disrespectful to go into someone’s house and start taking pictures. I could have went on for a long time about my trip, but i managed to keep the video within two and a half minutes. This was the only other challenge i faced in making the video. I feel as though i did a good job in summarizing the trip in this short amount of time, however. Choosing my service emersion trip to Guayaquil, Ecuador was an easy choice.

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