The Celebrity Research Project

By: Doug Robie

As part of the Celebrity Research Project I chose to follow Miley Cyrus and Urban Meyer for comparison to see how they communicate with their fans. Miley Cyrus is the former Disney Star now turned rebellious and independent. Urban Meyer is the Head Football coach at the Ohio State University.

It is no shocker that Miley Cyrus and Urban Meyer have very different ways they communicate with their fans through social networking and in this case twitter. Miley Cyrus does not hold back on twitter she says what she is thinking and does not really care what people think. If you go through her tweets you a wide arrange of expression ranging from the classic “F*** Yeah” to the “#ifitsmellslikefunk”. She also voices her opinion on a wide range of subjects even if it is on the unpopular side of the opinion.

Urban Meyer uses social media and in this case twitter to promote his football team to possible recruits, parents, etc. His twitter mainly consists of positive things about his Ohio State Buckeyes whether it would be highlight films, pictures, or posters. His twitter feed does not contain any curse words or profanity or really any stance on any issues other than cancer research which everyone supports.

I believe they differ due to the fact that they have two different goals when using their social media accounts. Miley Cyrus is just interacting with her fans, expression her opinions, and promoting her image as rebellious and independent. Urban Meyer is using his twitter to reach recruits or parents so he makes sure that his twitter is full with positive things about his football team from a football perspective, and social perspective while also promoting the University.

Continuing the project I interviewed two of my friends about their celebrity interests and how they interact with them through social media. I chose to interview my friends Grady and Carmela to find out their thoughts and opinions.

First I talked to my friend Grady Riley. When asked if he felt like he had a strong connection to a particular celebrity, he believes he has a connection to Johnny Depp. I asked him why did he felt drawn to Johnny Depp as a Celebrity, he said it was mostly due to the fact that in such a media driven culture it is impressive that Johnny Depp remains mysterious. Grady also feels drawn to Johnny Depp because he is funny and who doesn’t like a funny guy. One of Grady’s favorite ways to engage with this person through social media or media in general is to watch videos of him on YouTube.

After talking to Grady about his connection to Johnny Depp, I talked to my friend Carmela about her celebrity interests and connections. I asked her what is her strongest celebrity connection to and she believes it is to the talented musician Ed Sheeran. When I asked about why she felt such a strong connection to Ed Sheeran she said it was because of his music. She connects with him because she can relate her life to the words of an Ed Sheeran song and that allows her to have this bond with him. Finally I asked her how did she engage with Ed Sheeran through social media or media in general she said, she follows him on twitter, likes his page on Facebook, watches his music videos on YouTube, and buys his albums.


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