Following Ian McKellen and Betty White on Twitter

For my celebrity project, I chose to follow Betty White and Ian McKellen on Twitter. Both up there is years, I thought it relevant to see how the older generation of skilled actors and actresses connect with their fans.

Betty WhiteMcKellan

Betty White, who has in recent years been called “the grandmother everyone would want.” She has made her mark on television history with her show Golden Girls. The show which ran from the 1980s into the 90s, became very popular amongst many groups of people. Her Twitter is mainly filled with her tweets informing her fans (1.2 million of them) about new episodes of her show “Hot in Cleveland.” She also tweets about upcoming interviews on either Reddit or on an entertainment show. She is known to tweet comedic sayings sometimes. Her connection with her fans is what keeps her fans so loyal to Betty.

Ian McKellen is one of the most seasoned actors you will find in this world. From countless productions of Shakespeare to his well known appearance as Magneto in X-Men or Gandolf in the Lord of the Rings Series. This man knows acting. He also knows how to connect with his numerous fans. Ian McKellen is known to give talks at schools where he will say his famous like, “Thou shall not pass!” when discussing matters of studying for finals. The man knows how to keep his fans entertained when he get cornered on the street. He also knows how to navigate the Twitterverse. He tweets about his upcoming works, lately his movie about Sherlock Holmes. His twitter fan base is roughly 2 million and they all eagerly await what he is up to next.

When asked, my friend Nicholas Poe stated that his favorite actor was Matthew McConaughey. His draw to him comes from his obsession with the movie Interstellar. Nick enjoyed McConaughey in various other films, but he so much loved this film that he followed Hans ZImmer on Twitter. When asked he told me that Zimmer is his musical inspiration. My friend Nick likes to compose music and hearing ZImmer’s music and McConaughey is Interstellar was a perfect combination for him. Both of them use Twitter to update fans on celebrity doings and their new works in the process.

When I got to speak to my sister, I asked her who was her favorite actor or actress. Her answer was a young actress from One Tree Hill, Sophia Bush. Her twitter account is full of news about show on NBC or social issues in which she encourages followers to donate. Many celebrities share charities that they hope their followers will donate to. It is a great way to raised money and spread awareness to the issue. My sister followers mainly because she loves her character on the tv show, but then again I don’t expect too much depth in a 14 year old.

My roommate’s favorite celebrity is Robert Downey Jr. Now, my roommate is not a user of Twitter or really any social media except Facebook. After asking him though, I checked out RDJ’s Twitter page and started assessing his tweets. Recently he tweeted about his experience with presenting a young boy, with no arm, and present to him an official Iron Man arm. Now this boy apparently is a huge fan on Tony Stark and Iron Man. It is this kind of act that endears us so much to those celebrities who go out of their way to show they care about their fans. The arm itself is a robotic attachment that the boy is able to move. From the pictures on his feed, it seems he made this young fans day.

Now the reason I picked Ian and Betty was to show how older generations can access and use Twitter to its full potential. They are both great at acting, but my favorite is Tom Hanks. He is an avid tweeter, always ending his personal ones with “Hanx.” He throws charities out and also advertises his other social media sites. He was in the News and recently Tweeted about for helping Girl Scouts in the San Francisco area sell cookies.  His fan base reaches 10 million and I am one of those followers.

Twitter is a great place to keep up with celebrities, news, politicians, events, and just random stuff that my peak your interest. This media outlet lets anyone share their opinion faster than others and is a great place to read others views.

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