By Billy Walsh

The use of twitter has increased the ability for people their favorite celebrities.  People can follow whoever they want and can favorite and retweet whatever their favorite celebrity has to say.  Twitter has made communication with celebrities very simple, so I asked a couple of my friends on who they like to follow on Twitter and why their selection.

I first asked my friend Peter about who he enjoys to follow on Twitter.  He responded with Adam Schefter.  Schefter is an ESPN NFL correspondent.  Peter finds Adam Schefter’s tweets helpful in updating him about what is going on around the NFL.  Peter enjoys  frequently checking his phone for tweets from Schefter.

Next, I asked another friend named Cate.  Cate is most connect the Not Johnny Manziel twitter account.  Although a parody account, Cate finds the account funny and is entertained daily.  This account, though not operated by Johnny Manziel, allows people to enter inside the mind of a fictionalized version of the player.

My next participant was my friend Brendan.  Brendan is an admirer of Mariah Carey and she is his favorite celebrity to follow on twitter.  He enjoys her daily updates on her life and upcoming events.

And then was Danny.  Danny is a huge sports fan and enjoys to follow his favorite soccer player Mario Barotelli.  Danny enjoys reading about updates about Barotelli’s performance and how Liverpool, Barotelli’s soccer club, is doing.

Everyone uses twitter differently, but there is common ground with people following celebrities for news, gossip, and other updates.


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