“Following” Celebrities

By: Amanda Pape and Megan Malewich

Social media, especially Twitter, has enabled the masses to be able to connect to their favorite celebrities. Based on our interviews with fellow students, Taylor Swift and Kanye West are two popular celebrities that people follow on Twitter. Kanye West and Taylor swift are two very famous musical artists of two different genres of music. People are drawn to their twitter accounts because they are interested in their music and curious about their personal lives.

Our friend Olivia follows and frequently views Taylor Swift’s tweets because she enjoys her posts of cat pictures, cute videos, and relatable life updates. Taylor Swift frequentlyupdates her followers and fans on what happens in her daily life. Fans of Taylor Swift feel that they can know her better from reading her tweets and staying connected with her on a daily basis.Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 10.16.41 PM

Our friend James is huge fan of Kanye West’s music, persona, and style. He says that Kanye West keeps his fans updated on his fellow rap artists and the music industry. People follow him ontwitterbecause they like to be updated on what’s in store for Kanye’s music as well as his opinion on other styles of music.
This helps his fans to be able to emulate him so that they can connect to him even more.

Taylor Swift and Kanye West’s tweets and updates differ substantially on their topics, though both are in  the music industry.  Kanye West tweets mostly about his music and his fashion line while Taylor Swift keeps her fans updated on her life and her friendships with other celebrities.  Fans are drawn to these two celebrities’ styles of tweets even though they are different because they give their fans some way to be able to connect with them.

In general, Twitter is a pathway for celebrities to become even more personal with their fans through their constant updates. People often follow their favorite celebrities so that they can feel as if they know them better than they actually do. Since people can stay connected on a daily basis with their favorite celebrities, it enables them to feel as though their favorite celebrities are their best friends.


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