Connecting with Celebrities Through Social Media

By Ryan and Olivia

The celebrities we chose to follow are Kim Kardashian and Ellen DeGeneres, due to their popularity and extremely active twitter accounts.

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Ellen is an enormously popular talk show host on her show, The Ellen Show. Her twitter account, @TheEllenShow,  has a total of 40.6 million followers, putting her at number 10 for most followed account on twitter. She focuses primarily on entertaining her fans and informing them of things happening on her show. Uploading tons of pictures and links for her followers to see. She most recently has been promoting her new show, Repeat After Me, in which the host, Wendi McLendon-Covey, pranks people with hidden cameras and hired actors. She adds the hashtag, #Repeatafterme in almost every one of her tweets since the show has come to the surface. Ellen uses humor and wit in order to win over her audience both on her show and in social media. She appeals to the people with charming posts that almost any person can enjoy. Whether it be pictures of cats, or classic joke fridays, she always has something to offer her fans.

Student, Colin Murphy says that his favorite celebrity is Morgan Freeman, stating “He is by far my favorite voice in the movies, I love a deep manly voice like his.” He follows Freeman on facebook, but Freeman does not have a Twitter account. Along with his voice, Murphy is a big fan of the movies he is in such as Now You See Me (2013), and Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

Kim Kardashian is a popular reality T.V. star, daughter of the famous lawyer Robert Kardashian, and currently the wife of the popular rapper Kanye West. @KimKardashian has 29.8 million followers and 18.8K tweets. Her tweets mainly consist of photos taken to show her followers/fans the designer clothing she is wearing that day, a new hairstyle, her baby, her husband, or a popular event she attended. She tweets about new updates on her latest iPhone/iPad app and when to tune into her show on television. Kim Kardashian shows off her luxurious lifestyle ,that anyone wishes they had, to her fans. She gives them multiple updates of what she is doing everyday and who she is doing it with.

Loyola freshmen Lou Campbell and Connor Blancato have favorite celebrities that they follow frequently on different forms of social media.  Lou Campbell has his strongest connection to rapper Drake.  Campbell said Drake’s music is really great and has true meanings behind the great beats.  He stays connected to the rapper by following him on Twitter and Instagram which he frequently checks.  Connor Blancato really enjoys being connected to comedian Will Ferrel.  He was able to like the comedian on Facebook but is unable to follow him on any other social media site because due to no official account for Will Ferrel.

Other students have said that they like to follow their favorite stars because they want to hear all the news in their lives. “It’s the best way to hear about upcoming movies and stuff like that,” one student said. Social media is one of the best ways to get news to those who are interested. A lot of celebrities have cult like followings and large groups of people want to know everything that happens to them. Social media gives access to those fans.


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