Celebrities and their Connections to Fans

By: Patrick O’Shea and Mike Schneid

The internet plays a vital role in connecting fans with celebrities in our current world. Social media, such as twitter, gives people the opportunity to view posts and pictures displayed by celebrities. Additionally, fans can personally message these celebrities and maybe even get to know them better.  By following these celebrities fans feel a close connection to the celebrity and almost feel as if they have an interpersonal bond with the celebrity even though, they may never actually meet them.

The first person we interviewed was Sarah. She feels she has the strongest connection to Ellen Degeneres. Sarah explained to us that she feels drawn to her because of her funniness and creative, happy tweets. Along with this she posts comedic videos of her show to not only make people laugh, but promote as well. She also communicates with fans by posting links and videos about her own life. It gives her fans a better sense of who she really is as a person.

We then interviewed Brian. David Portnoy is the celebrity that he feels he has the strongest connection to. David Portnoy is from Massachusetts, where Brian is from, so he feels a connection in that manner because they grew up in the same state. Additionally, Portnoy provides commentary and updates on sports, mainly focused on Boston sports. This allows Brian to see scores, facts, etc. Portnoy puts a funny twist in his tweets that gains him followers and also has his own blog that his commonly looked at by sports fans. Brian follows him on twitter and enjoys his hilarious tweets which makes him feel connected to his sense of humor and different take on sports.

Next, Pat was interviewed. He responded by saying that he has the strongest connection to Tom Brady, the New England Patriots quarterback. Pat and his family have been Patriots fans their entire life and he feels a strong connection to the team. He is specifically drawn to Tom Brady because of his football career and contributions to the Patriots. Pat follows Tom Brady on facebook and looks at his posts of pictures and statuses. Brady makes both funny and motivating posts to his fans which makes Pat feel connected to Brady’s life and football career.

Finally we interviewed our friend Michael.  Michael said that he had the strongest connection following Tim Cook on twitter.  Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple and has been very successful throughout his life.  Michael said he has a few reasons for following Cook.  The first reason he gave is that he really enjoys Apple products and wants to know the latest about every gadget that is in production form Apple. The other reason Michael gave was that he wants to be successful in the technology industry like Cook is and sees his work as some of the best in the business.  Michael follows Tim Cook on twitter and Cook usually tweets about things that are happening in his life personally, and also things that are occurring in Apple which draws Michael into following him.


At this moment, the celebrity that I enjoy following most is Jimmy Tatro. I chose him for this blog because he communicates with fans extremely well. In order to become a popular figure, Tatro started making comedic videos about college situations that people my age could relate to. He communicated with viewers by making them laugh and feel like they have been in similar situations. Jimmy Tatro also uses twitter very often and I follow him because of his tweets. While most celebrities use their twitter to solely promote their product, Tatro uses it to talk about real situations that occur in his life and to make jokes to his followers.  The other celebrity that was chosen by us was Leonardo DiCaprio.  I currently follow him on twitter because he is my favorite actor.  I really enjoy his work in most of the movies that he has appeared in.  On his twitter he mainly seems to address social and environmental changes and opinions that he believes in.  This varies very much from Tatro where Tatro interacts and communicates with his fans on social media while DiCaprio mainly uses his followers on social media to spread awareness of various issues that are present in the world.  They both provide two very different ways of using social media, which is common among celebrities.


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