Our Connection To Celebrities

By: Evan Frohock and Chris Zelante


Scrolling through the celebrities people follow on Twitter tells you a lot about the person. Different people follow different celebrities. Following your favorite celebrities can give you the feeling of being closer to your idol. It seems as though every celebrity has a twitter, and they are all so different. Some celebrities may use it to just relay big news, while other celebrities will notify their followers of everything that they do that day, from where they are at the time to what they are eating that night. Following your favorite celebrities on social media can give you up to the minute news on their life. Everybody feels as though they have a strong connection to their favorite celebrities through twitter. The follower may feel drawn to the celebrity for many different reasons. Everyone has a different way of following and engaging with their favorite person via social media. Our friends are all so different and obviously follow different people, but one thing seems to be true for everyone – they all follow their favorite celebrities, for their own reasons.

Our group sat down to interview a few friends on who they follow, and why. The first person we asked was our friend Amanda. Amanda said that her favorite celebrity she follows is Kendall Jenner. Kendall Jenner is a nineteen year old American model and television personality. She is widely known for her appearances on the television show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. Amanda told us that she is drawn to Kendall Jenner because they are the same age. She is her favorite celebrity because she can relate to her. Amanda also told us that she likes Kendall Jenner because of her fashion. She follows Kendall Jenner by checking up on her tweets. This informs her on what Jenner is up to, and gives her the satisfaction of having a strong connection to Kendall Jenner.

After thinking about it, our friend Ryan decided that his favorite celebrity to follow was Nick Swardson. Nick Swardson is a thirty nine year old comedian. Many people follow Nick Swardson because his tweets are very funny and amusing. Ryan said he feels that by following Swardson on Twitter he knows him better. Ryan feels so drawn to Nick Swardson on Twitter because he finds his tweets very funny. Ryan is a very funny kid, and he looks up to Swardson. Everyone has a different way of following their favorite celebrity. Ryan says that he will go to Swardson’s Twitter page and check his tweets once a day, usually at night. This is his way of following/engaging in Nick Swardson.

Carolyn’s favorite celebrity to follow on Twitter is Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy Fallon is a television host, comedian, singer, song writer, and producer. He is forty years old. He currently hosts “The Tonight Show, starring Jimmy Fallon”. He was a member of “Saturday Night Live”, and “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon”. Fallon is Carolyn’s favorite celebrity to follow because she finds his tweets funny. She also finds the videos that he posts amusing. She says that she doesn’t use twitter often, but when she does she never forgets to look at Fallon’s tweets. Carolyn feels so drawn to Fallon because of his tweets and television shows. She said that she finds him funny, and his tweets entertaining.

Lastly, we asked our friend Harrison. Harrison said that his favorite celebrity to follow on Twitter is Jonah Hill. Just like Ryan follows Nick Swardson and Carolyn follows Jimmy Fallon, Harrison follows Jonah Hill because he finds his tweets funny. Harrison likes all of the movies that Jonah Hill is in, such as “21 Jump Street”, “22 Jump Street”, “Wolf of Wallstreet”, and “Superbad”. Like Carolyn, Harrison does not use twitter that often either, but when he does, he will look for Jonah Hill’s tweets in his timeline. This is how he follows Jonah Hill. Harrison feels drawn to Jonah Hill because he viewed all of the movies that Jonah Hill was in, and he keeps up with his tweets. People follow different celebrities for different reasons, as we discovered in this project. Following your favorite celebrity is done differently by different people, but no matter who it is, everyone feels as though they have a better connection to their idol because of Twitter.


The two celebrities that we have chosen to analyze are Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. While these two celebrities are two of the biggest in the world, they have very different strategies when communicating with their fans. Miley Cyrus has created a reputation for being provocative and putting it all out there for the world to see. From posting pictures in marijuana leotards to showing her fans candid moments of her smoking a joint, Miley has cornered the market of being young and reckless and that is what her fans have come to expect from her. On the other hand Taylor Swift has become a family friendly icon who is known for her fun and upbeat music. She is radically different than Miley, for example just this past week she posted a picture of herself taking a nap with her cat. when you go to Taylor Swifts twitter page you know what to expect and while it may be completely different than what you will see on Miley Cyrus’ page, they both have millions of followers and find themselves as two of the most famous young celebrities today.


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