Blade Runner

By:Doug Robie

I believe The Blade Runner has been so influential and critically acclaimed in the realm of Sci-Fi because it was able to apply present themes and social norms for the time in a futuristic alternate reality. The visual components were ahead of its time and the foundation for Sci-Fi films. With the mixing of real components with computer made you have a truly incredible blend which forms this futuristic classic. This movie succeeds in taking the noir genre which was exceedingly popular at the time and placing it in the year 2019. Which is cool to think about because that will be the year after we graduate and to see it predicted in 1982.

This movie comments on humanity and ethics by putting the protagonist, Rick Deckard, through scenarios in which he has to make decisions on morality on killing of replicants which are human like robots. These replicants look act and have emotions like a human. He is tasked with the challenge of finding these human-like robots and destroy them no matter how much they resemble human life and no matter what connection he has to the robots.

The underlying question through out this movie is what does it mean to be human. The movie poses this question by giving the robots back stories memories and experiences which makes it appear to simulate humanity as closely as possible. This question is related today because I feel as a society we are always trying to find the meaning of life and our purpose of being here.  This decision is evident in many highly debated topics on the value of life and the human experience. Examples of this are in the issue of gay marriage and abortion. Because many people believe that these are values centered to the human experience. Which again is the underlying question throughout the whole movie on what does it mean to be human.



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