Blade Runner Response

By: Patrick O’Shea and Mike Schneid


Directed by Ridley Scott, the 1982 film Blade Runner is based on a very futuristic Los Angeles in 2019. The Tyrell Corporation produces genetically engineered robots, known as replicants. The purpose of these replicants is to help humans on outerspace colonies. The replicants venturing onto Earth is banned; a group known as “Blade Runners” that act as special police operatives hunt them down. Harrison Ford stars in the movie as a Blade Runner, named Rick Deckard, that has to hunt down four replicants who have returned to Earth. Throughout the movie you go through Deckard’s journey and see how he goes about his job of “retiring” the four replicants.   You also see a relationship form between Deckard and a very advanced replicant named Rachael. The two eventually fall in love and are helpful to each other at certain points in the film.

For being made in 1982 the film does seem to be ahead of its time for cinematography.   Even today while watching the movie you don’t feel as if it is cheesy and unrealistic while watching. Some tools that are seen in the film seem relatively accurate to what the future would be like such as the many electric advertisements all around the city and the cars that fly around the skies.   One thing we did not particularly like about the film was that it was almost always dark and raining, which gave the movie an almost dreary feeling to it. The acting however we thought was superb, Harrison Ford played Deckard brilliantly and always seemed like he was actually in the future hunting replicants. Also Rutger Hauer played Roy very well and gave a very memorable few lines at the end of the film. Overall we would recommend the movie to someone who wants to watch an entertaining movie with a Sci-Fi feel to it.

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