Blade Runner (1982)

By: Evan Frohock and Chris Zelante


The 1982 movie “Blade Runner” looked forward to what life would be like in 2019. This film depicts many different technological advances, but none more relevant than the “replicants”. Replicants are genetically engineered robots. The replicants are very similar, almost non distinguishable from an adult human being. The blade runners are a special team of people that hunt down replicants that disobey the ban from Earth and comeback anyways.

Artificial intelligence is something that is slowly being developed. It is obvious that we will not be in the same position that the movie “Blade Runner” depicts in the year 2019. Although there are many technological advances being made each day, we will not have robots that are virtually non distinguishable from human beings. Even if we were this technologically advanced, would it be a good thing? The robots would be taking over our jobs, leaving employers to pay virtually nothing for the service, and leaving humans without jobs.

“Blade Runner” starred Harrison Ford, and Rutger Hauer, Harrison Ford, as Rick Deckard is the protagonist of the film. As Rick hunts down the many replicants, he is confronted with many moral questions and obligations. Roy Batty is portrayed by Rutger Hauer. Roy is the ultimate replicant. He is fast, smart, and very skilled at fighting. “Blade Runner” was not only about the battle between human’s and artificial intelligence, but it also raises many questions about what it means to fully be human.


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