Taco Bell ad analysis

By: Doug Robie

In preparation for the 2013 Super Bowl Taco Bell, the famous Mexican fast food company, released a teaser advertisement for their commercial that will air during the third quarter of the game itself. This commercial which is a minute long starts out with an elderly man on a scooter entering a football stadium that looks like it is set up for practice. Then all of a sudden the old man takes off traveling at a ridiculous speed for an old man on a scooter. After that he starts kicking over the equipment set up on the field much like a rebellious teenager. The last four seconds of the commercial is the only time you see any direct advertisement for Taco Bell or the Super Bowl commercial is aired.

I feel like there are several signs presented throughout the commercial but not over emphasized. I feel like the objects used for the football practice are signs hinting at the fact of the Super Bowl approaching and the importance placed on football in American culture. The commercial taking place in a football stadium I feel is paying homage to the importance of football in our culture. The Old man in the scooter can represent that grandparent figure that has an important role in American culture. Everyone looks up to their grandparents as models or people who have attained years of wisdom.

Then when the elderly figure takes off and starts kicking over the practice equipment can be taco bell trying to convey that their product allows you to take back your childhood and no longer let age be a factor. Their conveying this image of their customers being free and taking control of their life. Brian Niccol, Taco Bell’s Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer had this to say when asked about his commercial:

Our hope is that our consumers will see themselves in this ad. They tell us that Taco Bell is about memories and experiences, and things they like to share with their friends… We believe that advertising on the world’s biggest stage, the Super Bowl, was the ideal way to share these experiences with our fans, while also providing further context into the mindset of Taco Bell and what it means to live mas

-Brian Niccol

This commercial reinforce this idea in American Culture that everyone should take control of their lives. This commercial reinforces the point because you have the elderly man taking control of his life in this commercial. He is not letting his old age or his scooter get in the way of his freedom and the ability to do what he wants. This is evident in the fact that he goes around kicking things over laughing and getting back up when he falls off his scooter. This commercial I believe has everything in it that makes a commercial a success. Josh Sanburn a writer for TIME.com has this to say about the ad, “Apparently Taco Bell is making the case that eating things like Nachos Bell Grande will make even octogenarians feel as if they’ve reverted to their reckless 20s, negative health effects be damned.”

I feel like Taco Bell’s goal in this commercial was just to be as memorable as possible and to bring a smile to people’s faces. I feel like this goal is achieved by Taco Bell because they take a figure that is beloved in American Society which is the grand-father figure and makes him do things you expect from a teen. Which creates this image in your mind of a grandfather just reliving their childhood and to me at least is very memorable. This commercial also achieves its goal of getting you both curious and excited for what they will air during their Super Bowl spot. This commercial does a good job of not being in your face with advertisement since they don’t advertise till the last four seconds.


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