Ad Analysis: Coke Super Bowl 2015 Commercial

By:Mike Schneid

For my ad analysis assignment I chose the Coca-Cola Super Bowl 2015 ad.  I chose this because while watching the ad  was the one that impacted me the most out of all the Super Bowl ads.   Coca– Cola is one of the biggest and most powerful companies in the world and they gross about forty two and a half billion dollars annually.  Because of this financial power they have the ability to market at large levels.  In this years Super Bowl they came out with a new ad campaign which is #MakeitHappy.  This is their newest of a long range of ad campaigns.  With the ad they do not go right out and tell a consumer to buy a coke, but instead they are getting the consumer to become aware of the harm of modern cyber bullying and also try to limit it.  The price of the ad would cost at least 9 million dollars due to that being the price of a minute long ad for the Super Bowl plus it would have cost more to actually make the ad.

Throughout the ad Coke uses semiotics to help portray the cyber bullying that is occurring in the world.  Examples of this range from politicians fighting on a video website, a visibly depressed crying girl at a bus stop, and a young boy who received a nasty text from a peer. This part portrays some of the various ways in which cyber bullying occurs in modern society.  However with this problem so prevalent Coke makes some type of technical computer worker spill a Coke onto a server room where the coke then spreads all around to all media.  In turn the spill on the server causes the people who are witnessing the bad in the world go on to receive encouraging messages along with cheerful images to help them and make them happy.  The main message behind this is that bullying needs to be stopped because it is a widespread modern issue.  Along with the bullying Coke is also trying to show the viewer that Coke can make you happier, which has been a technique used before, and when you are feeling down Coke can make you feel better about yourself or a problem you are facing.  Another symbol is the music that is being played from the beginning to the end.  In the beginning the music and sound being played is very erratic and depressing.  However after the Coke spill there is a drastic switch in the music and it gets more cheerful and upbeat.

Part of the appeal in the commercial is the emotion that is shown. Psychoanalytically there is a very large part of the commercial that shows the horrific and mean things that occur in this world.  When a viewer watches these parts of the commercial they become to feel bad for the people and angry about the bullying that is occurring.  However once the change in the messages happens the viewer goes on to feel good for the people who received very kind messages because of the Coke.  The combination of the both of these vastly different emotions gets a viewer to develop strong feelings about the impact of technology.  The commercial is easily remembered which helps for Coke’s ad.

The targeted crowd of coke is relatively easy to identify.  They targeted the generation of the millennium.  This is because this generation has the most use of all the modern technologies that are around today. The reason that Coke chose this demographic was due to the fact that 81 million of the Coke consumers annually range from the age eighteen to thirty seven.   Many people of this generation have probably gone through some sort of cyber bullying which is why the ad impacts so many people.  This ad shows the benefits of Coke and also spreads awareness of cyber bullying.


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