Budweiser 2013 Brotherhood Commercial

By Chris Zelante

During the 2013 “Clydesdale Brotherhood” commercial sponsored by Budweiser the popular beer company used new and refreshing tactics to gain their audience’s attention. Using famous actor Don Jeanes and a newborn Clydesdale foal, the commercial shows the relationship that is created between breeder and horse. From birth, Jeanes raises the young foal into a mature and stunning horse that is later taken away by a Budweiser truck for it to become one of their famous Clydesdale horses. With Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” playing in the background the mood is set throughout the entire commercial. You then see Jeanes go through the emotions of losing the horse he loved so much. Later, with Jeanes wearing a Budweiser hat and a bottle of Budweiser sitting in front of him as he sits reading the paper, the words “three years later” appear on the screen as the Budweiser Clydesdale horses are set to come to his home town. The commercial then shows a reunion that could bring anyone to tears. When Jeanes first attends the parade he thinks that horse has forgotten him and leaves the parade saddened. Moments later as he returns to his car he looks in his mirror and sees his old horse charging towards him. The breeder and horse embrace bringing the commercial to a close leaving everyone with a smile.

This was just one of Budweiser’s many commercials using Don Jeanes as the actor, creating a type of series that everyone looks forward to when the Super Bowl rolls around. Budweiser chose to go for a commercial that would be more memorable and talked about the next day, rather than an in-your-face type of ad that puts their product front and center. Even with only subliminal hints of the beer company in the background this commercial became one of the most popular of the 2013 Super Bowl. By showing this heart warming relationship Budweiser created a commercial that was more universal and appealed to everyone watching, rather than just young beer drinkers. Even with no words spoken throughout the entire commercial, Budweiser was able create an interesting ad that could keep anyone’s attention.

Along with that the Clydesdale horse has become synonymous with Budweiser. In 2013 they celebrated their 80th anniversary with Anheuser-Busch and this is their 23rd Super Bowl appearance since first appearing in 1986. Budweiser has quickly become one of America’s favorite beers, and their long relationship with these beautiful horses has rubbed off on Americans as well. When most people see the Budweiser commercials, and the Clydesdale horses along with it, they associate it with patriotism and everything America embodies. Because of this, Budweiser is now known as an American corner stone and a top choice among all beer drinkers.

This commercial went on to be talked about for weeks after the big game and created more buzz than anything Budweiser could have hoped for. The beer company paired this commercial with the same day that they launched their official twitter account. The commercial created even more buzz because they let the fans of the commercial name the baby Clydesdale foal that was shown in the commercial. This type of interaction with fans and customers is what creates beer companies that are known worldwide. After the numbers were in, the Budweiser ad came out as one of the most liked and most talked about ads of the 2013 Super Bowl. Showing why they are of the most popular beer companies in the world, Budweiser has effectively created a yearly series that boosts their brand without even putting their pro

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