The Manner in Which Smart Phones Have Affected Our Lives

By: Patrick O’Shea and Mike Schneid

There has been immense changes in the world since the invention of smartphones.  They give people many more technological capabilities, and gives each person the opportunity to easily interact around the world.  This is due to the many different apps and interactive systems.  This includes easy access to the internet where all the latest news from around the world is literally at the end of your fingertip.  Besides the fact you can do many different tasks such as checking your stocks,  being able to make an emergency call, or even being able to see what your friends are up via social media. Although these changes do have a positive impact due to the global connectivity, there are still some problems that arose because of the smart phone.  One such negative effect is that people don’t communicate in person as much they used to, and in many different aspects of life it is still very important to be able to interact face to face with people, like in a job interview.


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