Media Throughout the Years

By Ryan O’Leary

The documentary, “Distress Signals,” released in 1990 is centered around the television industry around the world. It focuses on the various American television channels and how their popularity made other countries gain interest in the industry. The enormous economic impact the industry had on the United states was a huge motivator for countries with poor economies. Throughout the past few decades the television and media industries have been constantly increasing in profit, and because of this the number of networks and companies are growing each year. It has quickly become one of the greatest industries in the entire world. Just as they described it in the video, the industry today is still huge and still growing, in the US and the world. The number of channels on the average TV increases every year, and other countries are continuing to expand their economies with their own TV stations. The only things that the documentary wouldn’t be able to touch upon are the growth of the internet and all the services we can get from them. Perhaps someday soon, another documentary will be released on the growth of the online industry.

Key terms

Globalization- The process or tendency in which an idea, business, or technology is spread throughout the world.

Cultural imperialism- The practice of promoting a more powerful culture over a less popular one.

Global media flow- When programs are reduced in price to be streamed in other countries, so other countries can afford to play them.


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