Distress Signals Relevant?

By: Doug Robie

Although it is over 20 years old, points covered in the move distress signals are still relevant to this day. Distress signals cover communication trends in regards to the TV and movie industry. For instance, the movie talks about the international aspect of TV and how different countries trade shows and movies for profit. This is still relevant today with the U.S. selling shows to different countries and the U.S. buying shows to show in America. For example, I think of BBC and how they now have a branch in America to air British TV like Doctor who and Sherlock. Another point covered was the aspect of uniqueness to each culture and not trying to copy other cultures. I feel like you see now that most hit TV shows now have the same pattern to them and not really any uniqueness. If the movie was made today I feel like they would have to add the aspect of internet streaming and its effect on the TV and movie industry since it is such a prominent thing for example, Netflix and Hulu.

The documentary uses some words that I feel need to be defined. Globalization is worldwide development and integration of a particular field in this case TV and movie. Cultural imperialism is the imposition of a foreign viewpoint or civilization on a people. Global media flow is the trend that the world market of media is taking.

Definitions courtesy of: http://dictionary.reference.com/


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