The Relevancy of American Media Dominance

By Olivia Ellis, Megan Malewich, and Amanda Pape

The documentary Distress Signals represents American dominance in the global television industry. Though created in 1990, the overall theme of American broadcasts being the most watched and bought television is still highly relevant. European, Canadian, and African television struggles to be reign its own networks. Due to America’s economic superiority in the industry, American television is still the most cutting edge and considered to be the highest grade in television shows. Other countries cannot compete with America’s ability to produce such high numbers of television hours. In addition to the economic factors, global networks also recognize that American television dominates the market because of their universal story plots. If this documentary were to be created today the movie would include information on how American television and movie industries today are able to produce their shows and movies in multiple different languages to reach broad audiences. The global market continues to struggle to keep up with the American control over the market.


Globalization- The interaction and cultural diffusion between people across the world aided by technology and business transactions

Cultural Imperialism- The fact of culture of a powerful county having influence and being seen as a more desirable culture by another less powerful country

Global Media Flow- The mobilization of ideas from one society to another, leaving either a positive or negative impact


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