Visionary Bio- Jack Dorsey

dorseyThe visionary that I chose is Jack Dorsey. He is the co-founder of Twitter and the founder and CEO of the square mobile payment company. Born in St. Louis Missouri and a graduate of New York University, Dorsey came up with the idea of twitter while in college and built off of the growing world of technology to make his ideas come to reality. Building off of the the AOL instant messenger Dorsey teamed up with William Stone and Noah class to create the idea of twitter. Serving as the CEO in the early stages of development Dorsey was a crucial part to the social media site that has not become a world wide phenomenon. Dorsey has used his success to develop new companies such as the Square payment method, which is also revolutionizing the world in a whole new way. Jack Dorsey is one of the most intelligent men in todays world and is trailblazing a path towards the future.

By-Chris Zelante

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