Media Visionary- Conan O’Brien

By: Patrick O’Shea


Known for his late-night talk shows, Conan O’Brien is a figure on television that is widely known to society.  His comedic genius is what earned him a spot as part of a writing crew for Saturday Night Live which got him noticeable attention as the show won an Emmy for outstanding writing in 1989.  SNL itself changed the way that comedic shows were presented as it premiered in the 1980’s, which can be credited partly to Conan O’Brien.  From 1991-1993 he was a writer and producer for the hit show The Simpsons. His spontaneity is what he is known for during his talk show Conan.  In it, he puts twist jokes into different world news and speaks with various famous actors.  Around 74% of U.S. consumers are familiar with O’Brien’s name which has gained him an abundant amount of views and fans of his new show on TBS that started in 2010.


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