Media Visionary: Arianna Huffington

By Megan MalewichArianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington has had major success in the media world. She was born in Athens, Greece on July 15, 1950 and later moved to England, where she studied at the University of Cambridge and eventually moved to America.  She started as a political commentator and grew exponentially from there, later to become a Pulitzer Prize winner. She even ran for Governor’s Office in 2003. Ms. Huffington is a prolific writer, having written fourteen books. In 2005 Arianna Huffington launched The Huffington Post, an online news and blogging site. This site is the the most widely read and linked to site on the Internet. On top of her many accomplishments, Huffington has been mentioned in Time’s Magazine 100 Most influential people. Arianna Huffington is a media mogul and a powerful woman.


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