Good Night, and Good Luck! – Visionary Bio

edward murrowBy Billy Walsh

Edward Murrow is a legend in the broadcast industry.  Through his documentary/news program, See it Now, Murrow was the first person to show the influence television has on politics.  Murrow stood up to the concept of McCarthyism created by Senator Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin.  McCarthyism was an anti-communist extremism that resembled the Salem Witch trials in which Senator McCarthy went to extremes to convict his enemies of spending communistic views to the people of the United States.  When no media was willing to step up to the plate to call out McCarthy’s radical idea, Murrow, along with co-creator of See it Now Fred Friendly, took to the stage during a prime-time TV slot on CBS to bring down McCarthyism.  This made Edward Murrow a pioneer of news media.


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