The Great Trip To The Inner Harbor

A few weeks ago I went on a very fascinating adventure with the classmates of my Messina group.  It was a Sunday and we headed down to the historic Inner Harbor of Baltimore.  Our adventure began with an amazing view of the city from atop of Federal Hill which has some interesting history of its own.  Once we gained our bearings we were able to head off in small groups and explore the harbor for ourselves. One of the things that fascinated me the most was seeing the Aquarium.  This is because it is such a famous attraction of Baltimore and there was a time where the Aquarium had no chance of being placed right on the harbor.  Seeing it was amazing because it is such and amazing building and so large.  The development in the inner harbor was also very cool because it didn’t have the feeling of a huge city, but instead more of a relaxed community, which left a positive impression on me.  Overall the trip to the Inner Harbor was a very  great day.IMG_0093[1]


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